Yosemite + Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box


I spent a whole week at Camp Mather out in the Stanislaus National Forest. So beautiful! But ZERO internet. The camp is also close to Yosemite Valley. So it was time to test out my little Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box. Also came with a pre-fillable-with-water paint brush.

20150729_232036023_iOSPig20150728_233114550_iOSment: Super saturated! Definitely get your money’s worth. Sometimes there are little “clumps” or sandy bits if I’m mixing on the paper, but almost not even worth noting (except I did).
Size: Awesomely tiny. Perfect for travel.
Brush: Surprisingly easy to use. Great for gesture drawings.


It now lives in my purse. FOREVER. Anyway, here are some of my favorite sketches from my trip:

  • 20150726_173428024_iOS
  • 20150726_173355765_iOS
  • 20150726_173410083_iOS

Let’s sketch something ~ July


I’ve been getting better about adding to my sketchbook. I try to do something everyday. The important thing to remember is not to censor or criticize yourself. Don’t worry about doing a bad drawing. No one has to see it!

But…here are my favorites from July :

  • 20150702_000247589_iOS
  • 20150702_000259781_iOS
  • 20150707_233526974_iOS
  • 20150702_000237465_iOS
  • 20150718_173559000_iOS
  • 20150710_193730565_iOS
  • 20150702_201457396_iOS
  • 20150716_181458117_iOS
  • 20150714_195707284_iOS
  • 20150717_181813457_iOS
  • 20150728_200556195_iOS
  • 20150728_195605673_iOS
  • 20150728_232924712_iOS
  • 20150729_232036023_iOS




WIP Wedneday ~ Purple hair


I signed up for an online “self-paced” watercolor class. Although some of the topics I’m already familiar with, it’s nice to watch the teacher’s techniques for applying the paint. And since I’ve never really tackled watercolors before, why not start at the beginning? This is where I started on one of my paintings and I feel like I’ve already ruined it ~ not in this picture — I actually really like how this looks…I kept working on it after I took this picture and don’t like how I changed it.