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Art Haul

November 15, 2016

My BFF is the greatest because she always puts up with my trips to the art store. Since Blick went into the old Pearl art store building on Market St., I have a hard time not spending a big chunk of my paychecks on art supplies. I can always justify it, though. Because ART, right?


I actually walked away with a lot of stuff I did not plan on buying (but ended up needing…mostly).

Art Haul

The one indulgent piece I got was a color-by-numbers that is all pixel-format. Meaning if you looked at the blank page, all you’d see are square or triangles with numbers. The image doesn’t reveal itself until you start coloring it in.


I also stocked up on black paper because we have a lot of jelly-roll pens — and now NEON INK(!) that needs some dark paper to color on.


Although not from this trip to Blick, earlier in the week I got my Tombow order so I’ll just group this all together as my weekly art supply haul 🙂 Part two later this week: Product reviews!

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