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Field Trip

Art Haul

November 15, 2016

My BFF is the greatest because she always puts up with my trips to the art store. Since Blick went into the old Pearl art store building on Market St., I have a hard time not spending a big chunk of my paychecks on art supplies. I can always justify it, though. Because ART, right?


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Fan Art My Art Sketches


October 27, 2016

This show, you guys…I can’t explain how weird it is and I love it. Sci-fi western. Every time I watch it (yes, I’ve watched it many times.) I pick up on something new. This rainy weekend calls for another mini-marathon with art and tea.

Fan Art My Art Sketches

Unapologetic Glorious Weirdo

August 15, 2016

My spirit animal maybe? I had a vision of myself acting like the real me – in front of people – and not worrying about what they think. Just focusing on my work/passion/life and doing amazing, great things that are buried under all this self-doubt. Whenever I wonder if someone is going to judge what I’m doing, I think of Holtzmann.