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January 19, 2017

Hi guys, it’s been a while, huh? I’ve been busy with work (duh, who isn’t?) but also trying to get myself to work more on making something everyday that is non-work-related. I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that making a new, good habit can be exhausting. At least making art is something that I WANT to do, rather than something that doesn’t come as naturally to me (like exercising regularly).

One of the steps I’m taking to keep myself motivated is to watch YouTube videos of other artists making art and talking about their process. It’s so relaxing…unintentional ASMR. My goals for this year include learning to record my own process videos. By next year I hope to be confident to have a Patreon page and be able to offer some sort of weekly content for supporters.

So how am I working on this? Treating myself to expensive markers, of course 😁

I still have about 50 or so Prismacolor and Tria markers that I acquired in high school. Surprisingly, 15 years later, most of them still work! When I added the colors to the Prismacolor color chart, I was surprised that most of the colors I have fall in the brown/skin tone category. I was more surprised that I didn’t have a ton of purple / blue-violet / pink color ranges. I think that issue is solved now.

I’m still a little bit intimidated by my markers, but I’m trying ok?

»»————-¤ Tools ¤————-««

» Prismacolor Alcohol Markers
» Art-N-Fly Alcohol Markers
» Copic Sketch Markers
» Pentel pocket brush pen
» Uni-ball Signo white pen

Fan Art My Art Sketches


October 27, 2016

This show, you guys…I can’t explain how weird it is and I love it. Sci-fi western. Every time I watch it (yes, I’ve watched it many times.) I pick up on something new. This rainy weekend calls for another mini-marathon with art and tea.

Fan Art My Art Sketches

Unapologetic Glorious Weirdo

August 15, 2016

My spirit animal maybe? I had a vision of myself acting like the real me – in front of people – and not worrying about what they think. Just focusing on my work/passion/life and doing amazing, great things that are buried under all this self-doubt. Whenever I wonder if someone is going to judge what I’m doing, I think of Holtzmann.


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Inktober #4

October 4, 2015


I’m finally working my way through American Horror Story on Netflix. I hate watching it at night, but it’s the only time I can get in a whole episode. So, here’s Evan Peters for Inktober day 4.