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Lunchtime field trip ~ Moleskine store

December 28, 2016

Working in the middle of the San Francisco financial district can be a little hectic during lunchtime. Even the elevators to get outside the office can be busy and crowded and take longer than I’d like (hello! I’m on a timed lunch!). Luckily this time of year between Christmas and New Year’s has a “Friday light” feel all week.

Seems like a nice day to go for a mini field trip to one of my favorite stores!

How do you pronounce Moleskine? According to the company, it’s all good. I like to say “Mole-uh-skeen” but you do you.

The Moleskine notebooks are everywhere in San Francisco. Your hipster store isn’t cool if you don’t carry a few sketchbooks that cost $20. But even in art stores, I can’t seem to find the one I want. I just love the Moleskine store because it’s all so organized. And they have all of the limited edition covers that will make your nerdy heart sing. I’ve also been watching too many YouTube videos of amazing artists making gorgeous art in their Moleskine sketchbooks. I know the paper has little to do with the talent, but it just looks so inspiring.

And here is me being a bit of a creeper and taking a peep at the tester sketchbook.

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