Review // Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections

October 18, 2016


The internet kept telling me that I needed to buy this. With a name like “Watercolor Confections” it sounds really tasty, right? Here is the dl on these bite-size painting pans:

Via the Prima Marketing website:

“Artist grade, high quality and highly pigmented watercolor pans. Sized perfectly for artists on the go, these professional grade paints provide bright, intense, smooth and long lasting colors that will work beautifully on any art or mixed media project.”

The size is so cute – perfect for tossing in your bag for emergency art. Would be cool if it came with a tiny paint brush. Size reference next to my 7.75″ x 9.75″ art journal in the first photo.

Above is my color test for each of the colors. Very vibrant, not a lot of water needed to get a good amount of paint on your brush. However, the pigment seems to pool and is grainy – it’s not something I’m used to with more expensive watercolor palettes. This is not to say you can’t get some really neat effects from this — just that it may take some practice.

Conclusion: For someone just starting to experiment with watercolors, this isn’t the worst set you could buy. I think you may be enticed by the vibrant colors, but that’s really not what watercolor is known for. If you really want something opaque or semi-opaque, then look for gouache paints. I mean, for under $20 it’s worth a go. And have some fun!

*This review is my own. I have not been paid to review any products.

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